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Nishna Productions, Inc.
Shenandoah, Iowa, United States (on-site)
17 days ago
Office of Administrative Services for Independent Agencies (ASIA)
Denver, Colorado, United States (on-site)
18 days ago
Nishna Productions, Inc.
Shenandoah, Iowa, United States
17 days ago
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$85,000.00 - $95,000.00
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3-5 Years
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Director of Human Resources 

Nishna Productions, Inc. is searching for someone who is excited for an opportunity to work with a team focused on making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.  This position plays a critical role in the management and success of the organization.  The Director of Human Resources reports directly to the Executive Director.  

Specific Duties and Responsibilities Include:
1. Provide direction and supervision to the Human Resources Coordinator and Workforce Manager.  Complete performance evaluations as scheduled.  Hire and fire for these positions.
2. Interpret and enforce all Nishna Productions, Inc. policies and procedures.
3. Maintain corporate compliance with all agency-related employment practices and business practices.  Ensure agency compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act, Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, Family and Medical Leave Act, HIPAA, Affordable Care Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Responsible for Affirmative Action Plan reporting.
4. Act as a member of Management Team.  Provide assistance with the program, philosophy, policies, and procedures for all areas of services provided by Nishna Productions, Inc.
5. Complete agency investigations as requested by the Executive Director.
6. Maintain compliance with CARF accreditation standards in Technology, Human Resources, and Safety.
7. Responsible for maintaining the Accessibility Plan for the agency to meet CARF requirements. 
8. Aim for high-quality services.  Complete Quality Improvement Plan Progress Reports for Human Resources and Safety.  
9. Oversee IT functions for the agency.  Act as a liaison for the IT contractor to ensure IT systems are fully functional and secure. This includes but is not limited to scheduling and direction of IT projects, review and presentation of suggested improvements and expenditure for needed equipment.
10. Responsible for overseeing operation and maintenance of the HRIS/Payroll system.  Input data as requested/necessary.  Provide the necessary training to all staff on proper utilization of the system.
11. Have an understanding of Medicaid rules and regulations as they apply to areas of staff training and development and any other areas under the direction of this position. 
12. Responsible for staff recruitment activities.  
13. Responsible for orientation of new employees.  Work with Human Resources Coordinator and the training team to ensure completion of all required orientation classes.  Actively participate in instruction of these classes as a member of the training team.
15. Responsible for coordination of staff development opportunities.  
16. Develop and implement an on-line training program utilizing Relias, the College of Direct Supports, and other on-line training resources.  This will include training of staff to use the system once in place, as well as working with the Human Resources Coordinator to ensure on-going administration of the program.
17. Develop new personnel policies as necessary.  
18. Participate in employee disciplinary proceedings throughout the agency as requested. Participate in terminations/discharges from employment for staff throughout the agency.  
19. Responsible for management of unemployment claims.  
20. Oversee employee benefit administration. 
21. Oversee handling of all worker’s compensation claims. 
22. Act as Safety Coordinator for the agency.  Responsible for ensuring required OSHA forms are maintained and reports completed.  Chair monthly Safety Meetings.  Train Team Leaders and supervisors on all aspects of safety at the agency. 
23. Oversee all office location physical facilities.  Ensure that a clean and orderly work environment is maintained.
24. Always practice positive risk management and see that staff under supervision do the same.
25. Be an active participant in positive community public relations.


Qualifications & Requirements Include:
1. Bachelor’s degree in human resources is required.  Professional certification is preferred.
2. Prefer at least five years’ experience in a community-based rehabilitation setting serving ID/MI/DD
3. Must have at least five years’ experience in a human resources role, with previous experience in
management and supervision of staff.
4. Must have five years’ experience in the training of staff – NOT necessarily full-time experience, but must be
able to demonstrate competency in carrying out training activities and relating to staff in a training capacity.
5. Must be familiar with and have experience with Americans with Disabilities Act regulations and
Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines.
6. Prefer to have knowledge of CARF accreditation standards and previous experience in implementing these
7. Exhibit strong leadership abilities.  Exhibit ability to guide and direct other staff members.
8. Must demonstrate above-average written and verbal communication and listening skills.
9. Must have technology-related experience.  Must have the ability to utilize various software programs.
10. Have the ability to meet and deal with the public.
11. A professional and personal image and attitude is needed to represent persons served and the agency itself.
12. Creativity, organization, planning, and the ability to work under pressure is needed.
13. Must exhibit above-average organizational and time management skills
14. Must maintain flexibility in working schedule to accommodate agency needs.  Be willing to work whatever
hours the job requires.
15. Must be willing to work with others as a team to accomplish a task.
16. Must show a willingness to continue education and learning with regard to legal & regulatory changes.
Exhibit willingness and ability to pursue continuation of education through variety of training and
educational opportunities.
17. Must have knowledge of safety and risk management policies and procedures, and be able to develop and
enforce these as necessary.
18. Must exhibit ability to exercise sound judgement when the situation requires immediate decision-making.
19. Must not have ever been legally convicted of assault, bodily injury, or physical abuse.
20. Must be able to travel.  Must maintain acceptable driving record as determined by the agency's insurance
21. Individual "must not have or be a carrier" of a serious infectious or communicable disease, such as but not
limited to, incurable, fatal, or debilitating diseases, which cannot be eliminated or reduced by reasonable accommodation.  A current example would include, but not be limited to tuberculosis.  Determination of the existence of a serious disease is to be made by the proper medical authorities.
Job ID: 72928920
Shenandoah , IA , US

Nishna Productions, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides services to individuals with intellectual, developmental, mental, and physical disabilities. We serve the communities of Southwest Iowa providing residential, employment, and day activity services. Our mission is to provide support and opportunity for people to accomplish their goals. We have a vision to be recognized as advocates providing exceptional services to individuals with disabilities, supporting them to meet their goals in communities where all ...

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